Weslaco Police Searching for Suspects in Pawn Shop Theft

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UPDATE (8/14): The two suspects in a pawn shop theft are behind bars.

Peter Cisneros, 34, and Agustin Gonzalez, 31, were charged with aggravated robbery.

We’re told both men have a record and have been arrested for similar thefts.

The missing jewelry was not recovered.


WESLACO – Two men are on the run after stealing a piece of jewelry worth about $5,300 from a Weslaco pawn shop.

Weslaco Police Officer Eric Hernandez says two employees chased after the men and one even jumped into the man’s car. Hernandez explains chasing after criminals could be dangerous.

“Individuals like this, you never know whether they are going to have a weapon inside the vehicle…These ladies could have been seriously injured,” says Hernandez.

KRGV’s Trason Bragg spoke with a local pawn shop owner, Valeria Gutierrez, about preventing theft.    

She says keeping an ID in the store’s possession is the key to deterring theft. 

Watch the video above for the full story.


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