Willacy Co. Businesses Look Forward to Facility’s Future

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RAYMONDVILLE – The prison closure in 2015 affected working people in and around Raymondville. However, changes coming to the county could improve the situation.

Located down the road from the vacant prison in Willacy County is a restaurant. Owner Diana Castillo said the lunchtime crowd slowed down when the prison closed.

“The tips went down drastically,” she said.

Castillo and 11 employees felt the impact. Her sales were nearly cut in half. But Grandma’s Kitchen stayed open.

“They never left me. They suffered but they never left me,” she said.

The closure didn’t just affect businesses but also residents of the county. Castillo’s grandson got laid off.

“So he was out of a job for a while, for months,” she said.

He had to find work in another Valley city.

But the announcement of the prison turning ownership over to MTC is good news to Castillo.

“Yes I’m excited. And then we’re going to have the windmills come in also,” she said.

The diner may see a change of pace when it comes to the customers.


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