Worshipers Search for Peace Following Tragedy Overseas

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SAN JUAN – One Texas family’s quest for prayer and peace brought them hundreds of miles to the Rio Grande Valley.

Marcus Ramirez said his family drove down to the Valley from Dallas because they saw it as a symbolic message of hope during moments where peace is hard to come by.

A symbol of suffering and hope stands tall at the Basilica in San Juan and people from the across the Valley gathered to celebrate Good Friday.

“There’s nothing else like it, and so we made the journey all night long to be here by noon today,” Ramirez said.

He drove to celebrate his religion following conflict overseas this past weekend where Christian worshippers were targeted.

“It’s just unjust that that happens that you can’t pray or be able to feel confident in your faith. But you know it can happen anywhere, but you just have to stay closely connected,” he said.

Palm Sunday in Egypt was marked with attacks against worshippers.

Deacon Eduardo Reyna of St. John’s Parrish said attacks against his religion often make him reflect.

“You know those two churches in Egypt that were bombed, why does that happen if there’s a loving and caring God? Why does he allow that? And it goes back to that free will,” he said.

Deacon Reyna said he’ll spend the holiday praying for all, even those who cause suffering.

“The way we choose, the way we make choices in our lives, you know, brings good or evil,” he said.

Ramirez said he too will spend the holy weekend thinking of peace.

The Basilica in San Juan will be open through the evening for people wishing to stop by and pray.


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