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CON MI GENTE: Band of three brothers perform at fire stations

Posted 6:33 AM 6/4/2020 by Rick Diaz

A band made up of three Rio Grande Valley brothers are using their musical skill to give back to the community.

Octavio Cruz and his brother Alejandro are students at Nikki Rowe High School – their younger brother, Marco Antonio is a student at Fossum Middle School.

The brothers started playing for an elderly person at home and then they grew to playing at fire stations in McAllen.

For more information watch the video above.


CON MI GENTE: WesMer drive-in theater

Posted 5:54 AM 6/2/2020 by Rick Diaz

While other entertainment venues are just opening up, the WesMer drive-in theater is drawing a crowd.

As coronavirus cases continue to rise, theater employees are making sure social distancing measures are being followed.

There is the concession stand, but customers must wear a face mask while buying the snacks.

For the full story watch the video above.

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