Cameron Co. Preparing for Potential Severe Weather

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HARLINGEN – Cameron County is gearing up for any potential threats Wednesday’s storm may bring. Officials are urging their residents to do the same.

Two years ago a Winter Texan lot took a major hit by straight line winds, leaving some destruction in its wake. People in Granjeno also dealt with severe weather hitting their community last year.

County officials want their citizens to be prepared and take precautions to prevent any major damage.

“Since it’s going to get stormy tonight, we’re thinking that maybe we should do something to help my plants out a little bit. Don’t want them to fall over,” Harlingen resident Carol Heesch said.

She said she spent the day grouping up her plants to protect them from high winds. She isn’t the only one preparing.

“Making sure that our pumps are working, we have everyone on standby making sure if there is any downfall or any rain event that we are there to pump the water out if needed if it starts to fill,” Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hushen said.

He said he wants people to be aware of the potential for high winds. They’re urging people to bring indoors any untethered furniture or potted plants.

If people are unable to bring in any of the furniture, they can also tie it down themselves to a nearby tree to prevent it from blowing away.

“Once that wind catches it, they’re going to be in your neighbor’s yard. They’re going to be down the street somewhere and you may lose them, so make sure you tie all those things down,” Hushen said.

With the potential for high winds also comes the potential for loss of electricity.

“Expect maybe some power outages, be prepared for that. If you have somebody at home on a generator or respirator that needs a generator, make sure you have that generator up and running cause if the lights do go out, we don’t know how long they’ll be out,” he said.

Hushen said they will be on high alert to help any areas which may be hit hard.

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