Request for Public Service Announcement (PSA)

KRGV CHANNEL 5 NEWS takes pride in helping groups and organizations reach out to the community through Public Service Announcements (PSAs). However, due to the large volume of requests we receive for public service time, we cannot promise to air every announcement.

NOTE: PSAs are for large community events. If you have a smaller event, such as a campus event or a church carnival, please post it on our Community Calendar.

To help us in our efforts to determine which PSAs best align with our community objectives, please tell us more about the PSA you are interested in submitting by completing the form below. If your request is approved, you will be contacted and asked to provide your PSA on a broadcast quality Beta tape.

Please read the following information before submitting the form below.

  • A PSA should be generic in nature, highlighting ongoing issues or organizations in need of support.
  • PSAs should not be time sensitive. Time-sensitive PSAs will not be considered.
  • Only PSAs from tax-exempt organizations will be considered. For-profit organizations are not eligible.

PSA lengths that will be considered include :10, :15, :20 or :30 seconds.

Request for Public Service Announcement (PSA)

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