Breached levee construction continues in Mission— hurricane season one week away

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Hurricane season is less than one week away as the rebuilding breached levees in south Mission pushes on.

Work crews near Chimney Park are working six days a week to finish the cement flood wall, and west of the Bentsen State Park, levee reconstruction is also underway.

But residents, like Isabel Diaz, are concerned some areas aren’t ready for hurricane season.

While her home wasn’t damaged during last week’s storm, Diaz said she fears for what could to her community during a severe storm.

In an email to Channel 5, Bobby Petty, a spokesperson for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, said the levees are expected to be completed between six to nine months.

The U.S. Army Corps said a pre-defined emergency flood plan is in place and that they are not expanding the border wall, stating that they would not compromise the safety of residents for a quick fix.

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