Cold weather creates business boom at local bakery

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Mercedes bakery managers are saying the cold weather is good for business because pan dulce is the go-to comfort food for many in the Valley.

“Everything was sold out yesterday, the trays were all empty and people were still coming in,” Natalia De La Garza of De La Garza Bakery said. “"We have had to make double batches, triple batches, these past couple days. The cold weather has helped us out increase revenue, increase more traffic in here."

While they typically close at 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, De La Garza said they stay open a little longer on cold days.

By the time they close up for the day when it’s cold, everything is gone.

"It feels wonderful because we get to see our hard work, everything that we made and everything that we brought out is sold,” De La Garza said. "We just want to say thank you, we appreciate you, and we welcome you any time, whenever you want to come in." 


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