CON MI GENTE: A Tribute to Late American Matador

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LA GLORIA – The season ended in March, but this Sunday there will be one special bullfight in the community of La Gloria.

Fred Renk is the man behind the dream; he built the Santa Maria Bullring and, in his prime, was a matador himself.

The bullfights at the Santa Maria Bullring are bloodless.

The special event is a tribute to his son, David, a true matador known as “El Texano,” the sixth American to become a matador.

His son died last year from complications from an injury he sustained in the bullring in 2006.

Renk added he recently put up the bullring for sale; adding it may be the right time.

Doors will open at 1 p.m. Sunday and the bullfights will start at 4 p.m.

Watch the video above for the full segment of Con Mi Gente.


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