Construction Now Visible along Existing Border Fence in Santa Maria

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SANTA MARIA – Construction along the existing border fence is now visible in Santa Maria.

Residents in the area say the fence hasn’t stopped illegal crossings but it does make them feel safer.

Santa Maria resident Zachary Carreon lives less than a mile from the border fence along the Rio Grande.

Carreon says despite technology and Border Patrol presence, people still manage to cross into the country illegally through the area.

He says people have even come to his port asking for help.

"They were asking for shoes, I think sandals, and water because they were barefoot so we gave it to them and we just told them there is a store over there,” says Carreon.

He believes the border fence helps agents focus on less wide-spread areas, and helps agents track criminals and those that cross into the U.S. illegally.

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