Contractor to partially refund deposit to Harlingen homeowner after more than 2 years

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HARLINGEN – Eager homeowners should take their time when it comes to finding a builder; that’s a warning from a Rio Grande Valley woman.

A Harlingen family of seven has been waiting for two and half years for a refund from their former contractor, who, they say, took a $6,000 down payment and did no work.

After the birth of their twins, Melissa Alonso and her husband wanted a brand new home, which led her to Big Boy Construction. She found them on Facebook and gave them the down payment back in 2017.

After getting the run around, Alonso took her case to civil court and got no result. Finally, when she posted her story on the company’s Facebook page, she says they contacted her.

The company, now known as Corbelo Construction, has a “C” rating due to unanswered complaints, according to the Better Business Bureau.

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