Donna ISD student makes prosthetic hand for classmate

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DONNA – Two robotics club members from Donna Independent School District worked together to build a prosthetic hand.

Rey and Nathaniel, both seventh graders, met during a lunch period for the first time this year.

Nathaniel was born without his right hand, which left Rey curious to ask, “What happened to your hand?”

That question from Rey would change their lives. With a desire to make a difference in another person’s life, Rey wanted to see his new best friend happy.

Both students, along with their seventh grade science teacher, Daniel Gonzalez, got to work and created a prosthetic hand for Nathaniel using a 3-D printer.

After a month and a half of numerous trials, it finally worked. It took some getting used to, but now Nathaniel is using his prosthetic hand at school and at home.

The hand won’t last forever; eventually it will wear out. However, the new friendship Rey and Nathaniel have established can last for life.

Both students now wish to pursue engineering careers.

Watch the video above for further details.


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