Hardest Journey of Their Life: Immigrant Family Speak on Experience

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MISSION – An immigrant family is speaking out about their journey following the recent deaths near Anzalduas Park. 

Maria Gladys Martinez says she and her 12 and 11-year-old children joined a group of immigrants on their journey to the U.S.

Martinez says she had no choice but to flee Guatemala with her children.

They were about a mile and a half away from a processing center when days of no food and water stopped them in their tracks.

"Never in my life would I do this again – never in my life," says Martinez.

A Border Patrol agent arrived within minutes and took them to the processing area, where the rest of the group they were traveling with was already in custody.

Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesperson, Rosanne Hughes, tells us right now they believe the young woman, toddler and two infants found dead near the border Sunday night died of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

The FBI adds they are working with consulates to identify the bodies and notify family members.

For the Martinez family, help came just in time.

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