Heart of the Valley: Free glucose screenings

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If someone in your family has diabetes, you're more likely to get diabetes yourself. You're also more likely to have pre-diabetes.

Friday was the final day of our Heart of the Valley focus on diabetes. Our main message was simple life-style changes can lower your risk of getting diabetes.

One patient care technician says if you have concerns of having diabetes, instead of Google searching, the best thing to do is to see a doctor. 

One in three people have diabetes here in the Valley, and even more don't know they have it. That's why South Texas Health Systems has been offering free glucose screenings. 

Rebecca Saenz, who is a Patient Care Technician at STHS, says if you have a family health history of diabetes, like she does, you have a higher chance of developing diabetes.

She says it's never too late to make simple lifestyle changes that can go a long way.

"Watch what you eat, get checked frequently and just hold on there and do the best you can to be able to stay healthy," Saenz said.

Diabetes is preventable and reversible.

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