Rio Hondo First Responders Delayed by Bridge Construction

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RIO HONDO – An 11-month construction project on the Rio Hondo bridge is running on schedule, according to TxDOT.

Those experiencing delays are the Rio Hondo first responders.

Rio Hondo fire chief said he’s glad the bridge is being repaired but added he’ll be relieved when it’s over. He said detours caused by the bridge closure affect the department’s response times to fires west of the bridge.

The bridge is still undergoing the mechanic and electrical refurbishing phases.

“It’s part of the maintenance like anything, anyone who has any structure whatsoever you have to paint it every now and then. You have to update it every now and then. Same thing goes with the bridges. It’s part of keeping it in working order and keeping it safe,” said Octavio Saenz with TxDOT.

According to Saenz, the last time the bridge was repaired was in the early 2000s. The bridge is expected to be open by late summer 2017. 


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