Sewer Project in Palmview Neighborhood Causing Concerns for Residents

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PALMVIEW – A sewer project has residents in a Palmview neighborhood concerned.

It is a bumpy road on the way into the Tierra Linda Circle subdivision.

Traveling through is just one part of it, living in it is a different story.

Local resident, Erin Calvillo, calls it a disaster.

“It's a safety hazard. Our kids can't even enjoy the road because of how ugly it is. It's been going on for about a year now,” she says.

Calvillo's neighborhood is the site of a $40 million sewer project that will connect 1,500 homes.

Until the completion of the project, people in the area are relying on septic tanks.

Calvillo says on the way to the upgrade, they worry most about rain. She says the project included tearing through streets and leaving lots of dirt around.

When it rains, that dirt gets muddy.

“A lot of the vehicles have been getting stuck in the mud and we have to come together as neighbors to pull each other out,” says Calvillo.

On Friday, Calvillo snapped a picture of a school bus which was also affected.

“It's just a hassle because we go to sleep not knowing if we'll make it to work on time because of the mud,” she says.

Calvillo says she has dealt with the messy issue for a year now.

“We've been waiting. We don't know exactly what their plans are to complete the sewage,” she says.

The Agua Special Utility District’s interim general manager, Eddie Saenz, says the project may not be done until the end of the year. He says since construction started, his office has heard Calvillo's concerns through other residents' calls.

"The construction, interruption of traffic, cleaning up the streets – we stay on our contractors. They try to clean up every day or, at least, we make sure they do that,” says Saenz.

Saenz says as a temporary solution, they have a water truck that sprays down loose dirt throughout the neighborhood.

The city will not restore the streets to cleanly paved, as Calvillo remembers them, until the project is finished.

Saenz says to put residents at ease, they will continue to take office calls and pass concerns on to the contractor.


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