Valley to Receive New Border Wall Fencing

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LOS INDIOS – On Friday, the 2018 Appropriations Omnibus bill was signed by President Trump.

The bill explains there will be 90 miles of fencing along the border. The funding will go to providing some new fencing. 

Most of it will go to replace existing fence, while some cities in the Rio Grande Valley are still waiting on their wall to be complete. The more than 2,000-page bill gives them hope.

The Valley will get 33 miles of barriers. That includes 25 miles of new levee walls and eight miles of new bollard style fencing like in Los Indios.

"Three of which have gates, five do not and those gaps continue to be exploited by the smugglers,” said Rick Cavazos.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS showed you these gaps in 2017. Los Indios Mayor Rick Cavazos hopes new funding will help close them.

"That some of that money will go to building these gates and completing this work that started with the first project,” said Cavazos.

Cavazos showed us a completed version of the gates with a barrier for the canal underneath. He says more structures like these will keep his town and others along the Rio Grande safe.

"We saw a drastic reduction in the traffic, the illegal traffic of people and narcotics going up and through the community as they work their way north,” said Cavazos.

The bill also calls for adding 45 miles of replacement barriers. The locations of the new fencing or those barriers were not revealed in the bill.

President Trump’s administration has requested to add 65 miles of new border fence next year. All of it expected to be built in the Valley.


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