Vietnam War Grenade Prompts Police Response in Mission

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MISSION – A forgotten war treasure launched an investigation in Mission Friday morning. Two grenades were found at a home on the 900 block of Adams Street.

Both were taken into possession by the McAllen Bomb Squad. The homeowner where the grenades were found says she knew about the grenades for several weeks.

Lydia Clark, found the grenades while cleaning the second home she uses as storage. She believes they belong to her ex-husband who was a Vietnam War veteran.

After discovering the war shells, she wanted to get rid of them but forgot about them.

“I didn't know what it was, I really didn't it. It was in his belonging so that's when I realized it was a grenade,” said Clark.

A code enforcement worker discovered the first grenade in the home, wrapped in a blanket inside a box while doing routine inspections of dilapidated buildings.

The grenade didn’t have a pin or a safety lever. After a second inspection, officers found the second grenade.

The city worker took the explosive, put it in his car and drove through town to the Mission Police Department.

Mission Fire Department, FBI, ATF and McAllen Bomb Squad responded to the scene at the police department.

"We don't usually advise for people to bring in grenades to us," says Mission Police Department Lt. David Mesa. "Usually, it's better to just leave it alone and call your local authorities and let them handle it that way."

McAllen officers deemed the grenades “not a danger.”

An investigation into the case is ongoing.


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