Group Visits Site of 1966 UFO Incident Near McCook

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NORTH OF EDINBURG – The annual UFO festival just closed in Edinburg. Some said the Rio Grande Valley had its own unexplainable incident back in 1966.

It’s the perfect night and the location is just north of Edinburg.

“In 1966, there was a strange incident that happened right here,” Noe Torres said.

Believers and non-believers gathered at the site to see it for themselves and listen to the stories.

“Eight construction workers from the Dallas area suddenly saw this beam of light or fire, come down out of the sky. And it totally destroyed their construction site. It burned to a crisp their pickup trucks, their construction machinery,” Torres said.

Torres, a McAllen native, is considered a UFO expert and has written several books on the subject.

For Joe Ponce, it was his father who brought him to the location in 1966.

“He was a deputy sheriff. He was the one who came out here to investigate. It was the following day that I came out here with my dad and I saw what happened, what had taken place,” Ponce said.

He was 18 and the burned area was big, he said, and it was all in this location.

“I’m a skeptic but what I saw, I saw,” ponce said.

The site is in Highway 490, the old Moore airbase is about eight to 10 miles down the road.

“And years later, we’re still finding little pieces of metal that we think were related to what happened that night,” Torres said.

“We can still find some of the debris from the mobile home that was incinerated by the UFO that, according to the story, that the men saw,” Edinburg library director, Letty Lejia, said.

The Edinburg library sponsored the Out of This World event and drew a big crowd.

“Most definitely, it’s one of the biggest festivals and it attracts people from all over,” Soledad Munez, with the library, said.

One of the attendees said they’ve seen hovering lights and other things.

“I believe we’re not alone. I think it’s kind of ignorant to think that we’re the only ones in this universe,” two girls said.

The event happened more than 50 years ago, but there are still some obscurities.  

“And then we also have rocks like this one that show signs of being totally blackened. So this is an unexplained incident that happened here in Edinburg back in 1966,” Torres said.

But it does beg the question – do you believe?

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