Los Fresnos Officials Speak on 'Speed Trap' City Rumor

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LOS FRESNOS – As spring breakers flock to South Padre Island, roughly 10 patrol officers monitor the city of Los Fresnos.

“We’re known as a speed trap. It’s a little embarrassing,” says resident Grady Reynolds.

Los Fresnos City Manager Mark Milum backs the statement.

“That has been a rumor and something that’s been said for 30, 40 years,” he says.

The town’s name can be found peppered throughout the internet described as a “speed trap”.

Between the drivers that go past Los Fresnos and the people who run it, a discrepancy can also be found when it comes to the notorious title.

“You’re always going to get complaints about speeding stuff. This city has always been targeted as a speed trap, which we don’t see ourselves that way,” says Los Fresnos Police Commander Juan Rodriguez. “Our job is to keep the people that travel to Los Fresnos safe.”

Milum says, “over the last year, four speeding tickets a day is not very many citations.”

“[In a] 24-hour period, that’s one every six hours. I can’t see how that’s a speed trap,” he says. “Could it have been true before? Maybe it could’ve but it’s certainly not today.”

CHANNEL 5 NEWS looked at the numbers.

Los Fresnos gained just over $400,000 in 2014 and 2015 from speeding citations. Last year, that revenue cut in half.

We asked if this affects the city.

“Not really. I mean, we don’t use municipal court revenue to support the city and do things,” says Milum. “We’re focused on getting businesses in the community, increase out property tax because we have more business, increasing sales tax as people purchase things in the community. That’s where the focus of our revenue needs to come from.”

Whatever the focus, the “speed trap” community maintains this warning for drivers passing through their city.

“If you do maybe one or two miles over the limit, they’re known to stop you,” says Reynolds.

But Rodriguez tells us that rumor is false.

He does say they will not stop drivers going one or two miles per hour above the posted speed. However, he urges everyone in his community and those driving through it to just be careful.

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