Alamo Woman Seeks Answers After Working a Month Without Pay

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ALAMO - An Alamo woman says she worked for more than a month but didn’t get paid..

This job was her only source of income.

Esmeralda Rodriguez says she's owed almost $700 and can't seem to get an answer from the owner on when she'll get the three pay checks she's missing.

Rodriguez started working at Del Sol Provider Services in mid-August.

She got her first paycheck two weeks later.

"They paid me but when I went to the bank to cash the check it bounced so I took it back to the owner and she said she'd pay me cash the following Friday," says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez waited, but on Friday the owner didn't show up.

She says she's been trying to get a hold of the owner for the past month.

Her boss finally answered on Monday but told Rodriguez that she's on bed rest for 10 days and then hung up the phone.

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