Brownsville animal shelter verifying potential homes via video calls

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BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville animal shelter is trying to keep its nonprofit and animals alive during the coronavirus crisis.

Brownsville Animal Defense is trying new methods to get animals out of the shelter and into safe homes.

Manager Amber Kendall explained how they are verifying new homes before fostering.

“Normally, we go and do a home visit and see what the fence is like where a dog is going to be staying at. Unfortunately, we can't go to people’s houses so what we're doing that's different is if they have an iPhone, they will call me and we'll do facetime, and they will show me that way. So, it's more of a virtual experience,” said Kendall.

The shelter relies on weekend adoptions at Petsmart. It is also in need of donations.

For more information on how to help, visit the shelter’s Facebook page, or call or text its rescue line at 956-551-0119.


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