CBP: Adult migrant crossings on the rise, fewer unaccompanied children

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On Thursday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported the highest number of detained migrants in 20 years. While adult apprehensions are on the rise, fewer children are crossing.

Pastor Abraham Barberi says he’s noticed a change among the migrants arriving at the border. Barberi said many migrants thought or misunderstood that the U.S. has opened its borders.

“Once they got here, and they realized they were not going to cross the border, well, they didn’t want to go back home,” Barberi said. “They knew they had to wait at the border.”

But official numbers from CBP show agents detained nearly 178,000 migrants in April; the number of unaccompanied children dropped from 18,000 in March to 17,000 in April.

Local humanitarian organizations say they have received migrants who have asked for asylum at ports of entry. Even though Title 42, the U.S. law that sends migrants back to Mexico due to the pandemic, is still in place.

Organizations along the border say they’re expecting groups of up to 100 migrants to cross into Brownsville legally.


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