Local artist overcomes disability and inspires a community

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After 20 years of being diagnosed with scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease, losing mobility and falling into a deep depression, Gloria Bermea decided to pick up a paint brush.     

"Like Van Gogh says painting your dream is what I want to do... and I'm doing it right now," Bermea said. "I'm retired but I'm painting my dream" 

Though she had never painted seriously before, she figured out how to do so with her condition. 

Her story inspired Sonia West, owner of Trunk Full of Junk, an antique store in Harlingen. 

"She is able to inspire other people to do art by showing them what she can do even with her disability," West said. "And I wouldn't call it a disability I would call it an inspiration."

Watch the video for the full story.


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