McAllen Man Says Plumber Never Completed Promised Work

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MCALLEN – A McAllen man is demanding the completion of a work contract promised by a plumbing company.  He says the project started in February of this year.

Hector Gomez lives with his wife in McAllen. He is retired and wanted to bring in some extra income by renting out a house.

Gomez started building this home in September 2015. A year later, while he was searching for contractors to help with the project and found a business out of San Juan that could do plumbing work for the house.

"I met him through a plumbing service, and they gave me his card," said Gomez.

In February, the contractor showed up to begin the project and took the down payment of $2,000. Gomez said a lot of plumbing work was promised.

"He was supposed to do all the work in the bathroom, showers, sinks, also the kitchen, the boiler, the drier and everything, the fridge,” he pointed out. “He was going to finish all that and they should be working, with faucets in the garden too.”

Gomez said all he saw the contractor do was put some pipes in but did not complete most of the promised work. He called to complain several times since February.

"I've been in contact with him, but he just says 'I'm going, I'm going' or 'I'm going to send someone to do the work.' And no, he hasn't sent anyone," he said.

Through it all, Gomez made the payments he agreed to make. The payments included a final payment on September 15th of this year for $2,000, bringing to total up to $4,500.

By mid-October, he called the plumber to ask why no work was being done.

"He only said that he was going to do the job, but that right now he had some issues in Corpus," he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS did some digging and found the company, Barba Bros. Plumbing, has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is due to its failure to respond to two complaints filed against it.

We reached out to Barba Bros. Plumbing. A spokesperson for the group told us off-camera he would stop by the house to do the work on Tuesday. He also told us he was busy in Corpus Christi.

Gomez said he will be happy if a worker from Barba Bros. Plumbing comes to his house on Tuesday and completes the promised work. He said he just wants the plumbing done so he can begin renting out.


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