McAllen Police Arrest Suspect in Vehicle Robbery, Rollover

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MCALLEN - A man beaten into a coma is currently on life support at McAllen Medical Center.

McAllen resident Jose Luis Oviedo was severely beaten nearly two weeks ago when his vehicle was stolen. His truck was later found in a canal.  

Police said the suspect was identified as Honduran national Andres Roberto Ortiz. He was arrested on aggravated robbery charges.

Oviedo’s family said they decided to remove him from life support. Victor Oviedo, the victim’s son, said he didn’t picture his final moments with his father.

“I don’t know exactly what I’ll do, but I will think about him every day,” he said.

Oviedo, 56, was born in Reynosa and moved to McAllen as a teenager. He served in the Navy for 15 years and also served in Operation Desert Storm.

Victor said he’s glad Ortiz was caught. He added it changed his view on the immigration crisis.

“I had no real opinion as far as the immigration stance goes, but now I believe that something like this could have been prevented had the right steps been taken,” he said.

Victor said they gave his father one last chance to fight. He said his smile, sense of humor and love for his profession will forever be ingrained in his heart.

Ortiz remains at the Hidalgo County jail on a $2 million bond.

McAllen Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said once the victim passes, charges against Ortiz will be upgraded to capital murder.


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