Tour with Pharr's emergency team following heavy rain

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One of the areas that was hit hard with rainfall this week was the city of Pharr, with some areas seeing water rise within minutes.

Emergency management teams with the city of Pharr hit the streets and rural areas Thursday for cleanup and to alleviate drainage canals.

"This canal was full up to the bridge yesterday, it runs all the way to Donna,” said Danny Ramirez, Deputy Coordinator for Pharr Emergency Management. “Then it gets to the levees, then gets pumped into the levee system - those pumps are running full time."

Ramírez says that the south Pharr area was affected the most during this week’s heavy rainfall.

"Once it gets close to cresting, then our worry is the water can't drain anywhere from any of the neighborhoods, because there’s nowhere to go,” Ramírez said. “The canal is full.”

The city also worked to widen drainage canals for higher capacity.


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