Weslaco t-shirt business closes doors after 32 years

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After 32 years in the business, a T-shirt shop in the Valley is closing its doors for good. 

Sandra and Joe Marchan are the owners of Tuff Stuff, a T-shirt store in Weslaco that has survived huge setbacks, including a major flood, having to relocate, and most recently, the coronavirus pandemic. 

Forced into retirement, the Marchan's say if it were up to them, they'd stay open for another five years, adding that the most challenging part of closing down is letting go of everything they've built up over the years. 

"We're leaving with knowing that we did the best we could and as long as we could," Sandra said. "We're leaving with that in mind. Thirty-two years is a long time, and we did it with our hearts."

The pair say they're holding out hope that someone will take over their business and make it their own. 

"What we have built up takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and a lot of money to build what we've built here," Sandra said. "We're just hoping that someone will come in and take what we have and start their own business or beef up their business with what we've done."


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