Living in the Pandemic: Local restaurant affected by travel restrictions on international bridges

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Victor Hernandez - owner of the restaurant Antojitos el ímperio - loves sharing his culture through food. One year into the pandemic, like most small businesses, he’s had a shortage of customers.

“I thought I might have to close down for good, and look for another job,” Hernandez recalled.

He’s also had a shortage of ingredients when COVID-19 restrictions on travel hit international bridges.

“A lot of the products we bring from Mexico,” Hernandez said. “So yes, we struggled with not getting products brought over. Because of all that, we had to make smaller plates, make our food cheaper… and that was when we were able to make it, despite everything."

With loosened COVID-19 restrictions, sales at Hernandez’s restaurant are up again, he said.

International bridge restrictions are still in place - extended time and time again throughout the last 365 days. Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) said he and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) are working on crafting a letter showcasing bipartisan support for the opening of the international bridge. 

"I've sent several letters to the Trump administration, I know we're going to send one to the Biden administration, asking them if they can ease up, open up," Cuellar said of the international bridges.



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