Republicans react to Mayra Flores' historic win

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Republicans are reacting to Maya Flores’ election victory.

Macarena Martinez, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee in Texas, says Flores' win has to do with a growing Republican trend in the Valley.

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"Mayra Flores is testament to what we've been saying since 2020 and even before then— that the Hispanic vote is moving to the Republican party,” Martinez said. "It was her and the message that she was spreading. She's a conservative woman, spreading conservative values."

Flores will be in her new position until January, taking over the seat after Filemon Vela resigned in March before completing his term.

"Flores' only real hope for victory in November will be a red wave sweeping across the country in condemnation of a failing Biden administration,” said Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University.

Jones believes it will be much harder for Flores to win in the November 8 election due to new district maps giving District 34 more Democrat voters.

"So, unless a Biden administration declines in terms of its approval rating and performance rating further than where it already is, it's going to be very difficult for Mayra Flores to defeat Vicente Gonzalez," Jones said. 

The general election for District 34 is on November 8.


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