Beekeepers offer options for removing, relocating hives

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During the demolition of a home in Donna, carpenter Gabriel De La Rosa found bees living in the walls.

De La Rosa needed to remove the bees, but he didn't want to hurt them.

"The house was burned and I'm almost done tearing it down," De La Rosa said. "And the problem is that inside that wall there are honeybees."

He contacted local fire departments, but they weren't equipped to relocate the bees — just to exterminate them.

"They told me that they could kill them and that the problem would be fixed, but I said killing them isn't the solution because they pollinate," De La Rosa said. "It helps us with the agriculture because they're the ones that put a helping hand in helping grow fruits, vegetables — and without them, I think even cows would not be able to eat."

Beekeepers will sometimes relocate bees.

Cesar Flores-Torres of Linn-San Manuel said he offers bee removal services and charges only for his travel.

"At this moment, bees are going away," Flores-Torres said. "And if we keep killing them, they're going to go extinct. So there's going to be a point where specific trees aren't going to grow anymore because there's nothing pollinating them or supporting them."

Options for removing and relocating bees include:

Bee Strong Honey & Bee Removal

531 U.S. 83, Donna

(956) 647-2864

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension also has certified bee keepers in the Valley. To see a list of bee keepers in your county, click here.

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