Brooks Co. Law Enforcement Taking Extra Precautions after Threat

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BROOKS COUNTY – The Brooks County Sheriff’s Department is on high alert after receiving word of a death threat from Mexico against a deputy.

The sheriff’s department got the alert from a Rio Grande Valley law enforcement agency. Authorities said the hitman was coming in from Mexico by crossing the border illegally.

With the threat looming, all law enforcement in Brooks County is taking extra precautions.

Acres of ranchland make up the county’s landscape. Brooks County Sheriff Deputy Elias Pompa monitors the area and stops people crossing into the country illegally.

He said threats are common, but the one they received earlier this week toward one of his fellow deputies changed his outlook.

“I live in a ranch outside the city limits with another buddy, another deputy of mine, and we used to get home, get out of our unit, take our vests, go inside. Now, we’re getting off (with) our flashlights on, we look around the house, we leave our vests on and then we go inside the house,” he said.

Pompa informed his mother and sister about the threat. He said their reaction of serious concern was expected.

Brooks County Sheriff-Elect Benny Martinez said this is the first time a threat of this nature came into his office. He’s having deputies take extra precautions.

“Look at the surroundings before you get off. If you feel like you need some type of backup or something, of course we have resources that we can reach out to or call them to go with you, if you think it’s going to get complicated,” he said.

Martinez said the threat is focused on deputies living in the southern part of Brooks County. Residents do populate the area, as well.

Co-owner of Alto Jones Colorado Ranch, Tres Miller, said the alert is a concern because of the activity on his property.

“It’s a scary problem when you hear that they’re not just families coming up looking for work,” Miller said.

He said he doesn’t like what he’s seen lately.

“But now, you see groups coming through here with, you know, it looks like military operations. You see a point man with an AK with people with backpacks and somebody in the back with another AK,” Miller explained.

He added he’ll keep an eye out and help the sheriff’s department.

“Pick your battles, I guess, you can’t go gung-ho all the time, especially with no backup, radio and over here the further west we go, we’re not going to have any cell reception,” Pompa said. He’ll continue to protect and hopes the alert is lifted soon.

Martinez said the department did speak with the deputies involved in the alert. They said they don’t know the reason they are targets.

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