Guards Frustrated over Lack of Manpower at Migrant Tent Facility in Donna

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DONNA – Several security guards who work at the migrant tent facility in Donna came forward to claim their work conditions are unfair.

The guards claim there’s constant turnover and the only ones who remain are those who can’t afford to lose the paycheck.

The Donna tent facility contracted a security company to be onsite around the clock making sure nothing goes wrong.

“Nobody wants to work more than a day. They don’t even want to work the day they signed up for much less go cover somebody else’s days,” said a security guard.

To protect his identity, we’ll refer to the guard as “Daniel” for this report.

Another guard, we’ll call “Jonathon”, says around 130 guards have ended up leaving.

“They always talk about a $36 million contract. And that’s what bothers me the most. If you have a $36 million contract, how can you not even provide water for your men?” said Daniel.

Both guards say the horrible treatment is leaving Strategic Security Corporation short-staffed.

They added areas of the facility are left unmanned – a violation of the contract with the security company.

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