'The Alamo Train Crash of 1940,' Donna teacher and students make podcast to share historic Valley event

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Saturday, March 13 marked 81 years since the tragic Alamo train crash that claimed the lives of 34 farm workers. 

Donna High School teacher Juan Carmona and his students are working to share that part of Valley history. 

At the sight of the tragedy, on Tower Road in Alamo stands the event's historical marker. Carmona said the sign is what led his class to begin studying the event. 

One of his students, Taylor Seaver said learning about the event hit close to home.  

"Personally, it resonated with me the most because I do come from farm workers," Seaver said. "Farm workers aren't really recognized most of the time. It's a big deal for me to give it justice today."

Seaver said she went through some of the testimonies from the time, to figure out what caused the crash. But the cause of the crash is still unknown. 

Carmona and his students gathered their research and made a four-episode podcast where they share the story and also talk to family members of the truck driver. 

"It's a story of farm workers. They're the backbone of America," Carmona said. "They're what feeds us and the fact that so many of them were lost and a lot of us don't know this history— I just really feel like it needs to be told."

You can listen to the podcast by searching 'The Alamo Train Crash of 1940' on Spotify or Anchor.


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