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There is a set of new murals in downtown Harlingen, showing the history of rock ‘n’ roll music.

The man behind the creation is Mario Godinez.

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Downtown Harlingen is filled with history and on the walls of a building on a street you will find a history of music.

"This mural is about rock 'n' roll history, almost like a timeline of rock music, when it started in the 1950's, 1960's , all the way to the present day,” Godinez said.

Godinez is a local artist and teamed up with the city on this project, a task that started nearly six years ago.

"I was approached by some of the members of the downtown community to do this, to make this idea alive,” Godinez. "The initial sketches started about 2017, 2018."

By the year 2020, Godinez had the first three murals up.

"Then 2021, I did the fourth and largest piece, which is the era of 1990s, early 2000s and then just this past year, 2022, I did the latest one which is from 2000 to present day," Godinez said.

Godinez says he did his music research for the project, but his artistic abilities started when he was just a kid.

"As a kid, I was kind of impatient and mischievous, so my parents would sit me down and make me draw as art therapy, but you know, in reality, it was time out,” Godinez said.

Godinez’s timeout would certainly pay off, especially as he got older. "

And then in high school, with the guidance of my professor, Mr. Leal, he was my art teacher, he was the one who pushed me to continue with my art career,” Godinez said.

Not only is Godinez creating art for the city, he is teaching it to the next generation of artists.

“Now I teach at Harlingen High School South, alongside with Mr. Leal, and yeah, that's kind of full-circle right,” Godinez said.

Godinez hopes to inspire others.

Mario Godinez - Made in the 956

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