Truck Driver Speaks Out About Pressure from Human Smugglers

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WESLACO – A Rio Grande Valley truck driver said smugglers often pressure them and make them offers to haul people in the country illegally.

On Monday, 10 people died in the back of a hot tractor-trailer in San Antonio. The driver of the truck is now facing human smuggling charges.

He alleges he didn't know it was packed with people.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with a truck driver about pressure put on them by smugglers. We are hiding the identity of this driver as he fears possible retaliation.

The driver told us smugglers can make very alluring offers. But he said every risk is not worth taking.

"In this business there are a lot of risks. There are drugs, there’s human smuggling, there's just so many risks,” he said.

The man said he owns a small trucking business. He said it's not unheard of for people like him to be confronted by smugglers.

"They look like normal people. They are educated and know what you do. They know your movements and they know your routine. They know your everyday routine," he explained.

The man said he clearly remembers the times people approached him to do their dirty work.

"The last time they offered me money was $1,000 per person. It's not just people they want to smuggle, they want to sell drugs. No one knows what their intentions are,” he said.

While the offer may seem appealing at first, he said in the end it's best to keep away.

“It would mean a change for life. You can permanently lose your commercial license for one. There is so much to lose and very little to gain,” he said.

This driver said he knows four truck drivers who are currently serving jail time for smuggling. He said all it takes is to get caught once for everything to be over.

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